Received Object (Objeto Recebido) | Archival photography | Inkjet on photographic paper | Single Prints, Triptych, 20cm x 30cm, each image | 2015-2017
(EN) Faced with the difficulty in accessing the intimacy of Lisbon´s inhabitants, we had to seek ways to work around this conservatism. Instead of accessing the interior of the houses and looking for their stories, we sought for anonymous volunteers who should just send us a representative object of their own intimacy. We were looking for any representative object of affection. In exchange, we would send back for those volunteers objects of our own intimacy as a couple. After several public ads and few months of research (incluiding talks with curators, artists, queers and also conservative people), we received this single object at our mailbox. After being used to create the installation "1m2 of Affection" the received object was discarded and only its two-dimensional representation was preserved through the photographic triptych shown below.
(PT) Diante da dificuldade em acessar a intimidade do indivíduo português, procuramos formas de contornar o conservadorismo. Através de anúncios públicos, pedimos que voluntários anônimos nos enviassem algum objeto de afeto, representativo da sua intimidade. Em troca, enviaríamos algum objeto de nossa vida privada. Este foi o único objeto recebido. Após ter sido usado para criar a instalação "1m2 de Afeto" o objeto recebido foi descartado, tendo sido preservada apenas sua representação bidimensional através da impressão do tríptico exibido abaixo.
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